Family Etiquette

Statistics show that people with good social skills have greater success in school, at work, and in relationships.

  • Does your family need to polish up on their social skills?
  • Does dining at a restaurant with the family bring more stress than enjoyment? 

Perhaps a total manners makeover is in order!! No need to worry, we have the solution for you!  Our Family Manners Matter program will guide your family to improved dining and social skills whether at home or around town. These fun, in-home sessions are custom tailored to meet your family’s needs and help you attain a more peaceful, mannerly home environment. This training is for parents and children.  While programs are tailored for each family’s needs, a sample of topics covered include:  introductions and greetings, basic dining skills, how to behave in someone else’s home, polite conversation and much more.  Contact us today to schedule your family session and see the benefit in your family! 

Programs for families:

Family Manners Matter

$195 per Family Session

With today’s busy lifestyle— schoolwork, sports, music lessons, etc.— it’s hard to devote time to teaching our family much needed social skills. As parents, we realize the importance of manners, but we may not be equipped with the skills ourselves or know how to effectively teach them to our children.  The “soft skills” of interacting with other people— whether in a classroom, at work, on a sports team, or at a restaurant— play a significant role in our acceptance and confidence among friends and peers.  Our customized Family Manners Matter program puts everyone at ease and gives the knowledge needed to navigate many situations. A variety of skills may be included in your training session. Choose from Dining or Family Life & Social Skills.

CHOOSE ONE OR BOTH (Save $20 when you register for both)

$195 per 90-minute family session. Topics include:

  • Basic dining skills at home and in restaurants
  • Table settings
  • Arriving at the table, being seated, and napkin use
  • Menus, ordering meals, and tipping
  • Using utensils
  • Polite table talk
  • After dinner details

Family Life and Social Skills:

$195 per 90-minute family session. Topics includes:

  • Treating our home, family members and belongings with respect
  • Household family chores and activities
  • Handshakes, introductions and greetings
  • Polite conversation skills
  • Respecting those in authority (parent, boss, coach, teacher, relatives, public safety officers)
  • Being a gracious guest, treating other people and their property with respect
  • Social media and cell phone etiquette
  • Thank you notes

This program is for families. Sessions are tailored to ages of children and family size for optimal benefit. Contact us to schedule your family session.

Cancellation: This program requires payment in full to reserve your spot. If program is cancelled by the providers, a full refund will be given to participants.

Participants: Any cancellation made by a participant must be in writing and received no later than 14 days before the scheduled start date. The participant will be refunded the program fee minus a $50 nonrefundable administrative fee. No refund will be given for later cancellation. For Family Manners Matter program, a program credit may be offered valid for 60 days at the provider’s discretion.

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