Adult Etiquette

Our programs for adults teach skills to give you confidence to handle business and social settings with grace and ease.  Treating others with genuine respect, consideration, and honesty is foundational to our own self-respect and fulfillment.  At its core, etiquette is about putting others at ease.  This concept is just as important in business as it is socially.  

Did you know that 85% of professional success comes from our soft skills?  A study conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center concluded that only 15% of job success comes from actual technical skills, while a whopping 85% comes from “people” skills!  This is why our “polish” is so important. These skills are not natural for everyone, but can be learned by anyone.

We are here to help you level up your social and professional savvy. One-on-one and group training is available. Contact us today!

We can tailor any program to suit your needs, whether individual or for a group.

BUSINESS Etiquette
Social Etiquette

How we present ourselves at a business meal, networking event, holiday gathering, or friend’s wedding DOES matter! We can teach you to successfully navigate a dining table with finesse, so you can focus on the business and conversation at hand.  Oak City Etiquette is here to guide you to success in business and relationships with skills that master introductions, handshakes, proper attire, toasting, dining, and so much more.

Our adult programs are customized for your private individual or group need. 

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